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Paying for developers that don’t grow your business is wrong.

Do any of these challenges resonate with you?

You have the vision but lack the technical expertise.

Your software idea needs a technical team. Despite efforts, the right hires remain elusive, and time is running out.

You’re growing too fast for your current processes.

Rapid growth strains processes, causing inefficiencies and communication lapses. The team struggles to maintain pace.

You’ve been tasked with a major project, no room for error.

You’re under pressure with high expectations. A trustworthy, proficient development partner is crucial.

We help you find the right
tech talents.


havedevs offers a collaboration strategy fostering effective teamwork between your in-house team and our dedicated one, aligning with your operational processes and culture. We ensure transparency through regular reports on deliverables, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Fast recruitment

Our developers have already passed through comprehensive interviews, test tasks and have a proven experience. This means you can skip lengthy interview cycles with mismatched candidates and focus on your product development, efficiently achieving business goals.

Support Beyond
Product Launch

You want to deliver your product on time. So we always stay available for support after  release, ensuring your product's success. The market is always changing and we are ready to upgrade your product to a new level to grow your business through digitalization.

How our service works

Get the Best Developers in Just 3 Steps
Book an online call and share requirements
We send you the CVs of the relevant candidates.
Interview them and choose the best fit for you.

Featured Case Studies

We partner with industry leaders, leveraging top technology solutions
and an extensive developer network to meet your unique needs.
GSK logo
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
100K employees
clock icon
January 2023 - Now
GSK, a multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology giant with 100K employees, ranks as the tenth-largest pharmaceutical company globally. 
Our Input
We work on Impfakademie product development (the german division of GSK), which has news portals for patients and doctors. havedevs updated these portals with the AEM framework (Adobe Experience Manager).
Impfakademie also provides educational content for doctors and nurses. havedevs designed and developed new functionality for the site ensuring the best user experience for all user types.
logo npm
News Publishing
100K website visitors monthly
clock icon
November 2020 - Now
NMP (NationalMortgageProfessional) is the US largest producer of banking, credit union and mortgage conferences.
Our Input
havedevs helped NMP to develop the platform for News, Webinars, Calendar, School, Directories.
Nowadays we support a fully featured platform that connects professionals from the Mortgage industry with 100K website visitors monthly.
logo aris
Packaging Manufacturing
10.000 orders annually
clock icon
January - August 2023
Aris is the leading manufacturer in flexible packaging. Aris fulfills 10,000 individual orders annually for their clients from more than 30 countries.
Our Input
Our dedicated team conducted market research for Aris and based on it developed 3 SEO-friendly websites for the Ukrainian, Polish and European markets in 3 months. There were catalogs with Aris' production for each of the markets as well as e-shops where users could buy the production directly.
Aris has a goal to be a leader packaging manufacturer not only in Ukraine, but in Europe too, and havedevs helped them to reach this goal.

Outsource Dedicated
Development teams to
build your product.

With our experienced professionals and
established collaboration process, we can
help develop your product.

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Our Headquarters are in Dusseldorf and Developers worldwide accessible for you. 

We handle software development
workshops at our office or online. 

Kaistr. 2, 40221, Düsseldorf, Germany

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We believe, every software idea holds the promise of innovation and impact. But without the right expertise and resources, many remain just that – ideas. Together, we'll transform your concept into a tangible, market-ready product that you will be proud of.
Chris Kallinich
Managing Director, havedevs
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