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Struggling with outdated IT systems and inefficient processes? We've got you covered.

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Integration Challenges

Finding it difficult to integrate new partners and systems into your existing infrastructure? We simplify the process, reducing complexity and improving collaboration.

Legacy System Modernization

Are you still stuck with on-premise systems that slow you down? 
Let us help you with cloud migration for enhanced efficiency and scalability.

Data Analysis and Insights

Struggling to extract valuable insights from your data? Our advanced analytics tools provide actionable insights to optimize processes and drive informed decisions.

IT Infrastructure Management

Streamline your IT enterprise architecture landscape with LeanIX and align your infrastructure technologies with strategic business objectives that bring your enterprise to the next level.

Diving Into Cloud Architecture

Cloud computing has become a major player in the tech world, changing how businesses work by giving them the ability to use services and store data online whenever they need. No matter the size, companies are now using the cloud to keep their data reachable from anywhere, at any time, all through the internet.

The whole idea of cloud architecture is like a big umbrella that brings together different tech tools, making it easier for everyone to use these services whenever they need. It's all about moving to a system where everything you need is served up just when you ask for it, supported by a strong set-up that can handle private, public, and mixed types of clouds. This setup is not only pocket-friendly, but also flexible and can grow with your needs.

When we talk about the typical setup of cloud computing, we're looking at how services are delivered, how the network is built, how security is maintained, how everything is managed, and importantly, how the front-end (what you see and use) and back-end (what the cloud provider handles) work together:
Visual representation of cloud architecture within a glass enclosure, symbolizing modern cloud computing services - Havedevs, your trusted partner for cloud architecture service. Elevate your business with advanced cloud solutions from Havedevs.


This part is what you, the user, see and interact with. It's the face of cloud services, like the dashboard or app you use to upload your files or run your apps.


This is the behind-the-scenes area managed by the service provider. It includes all the techy stuff like data storage, virtual servers, and systems that manage the data flow and more.


Think of this as your virtual filing cabinet where all your data is kept safe and sound.


These are the tools and services that help keep everything running smoothly, from the apps you use to the security measures that protect your data.


This is all about keeping your cloud space safe from unwanted visitors and threats.


This is the online bridge that connects your front-end to the back-end, letting them communicate and work together.

Benefits of Cloud Architecture

Designing cloud architecture enables the creation of an efficient strategy that maximizes value while optimizing costs.

The Latest Cloud Functionalities

Keep pace with the latest market demands through continuous updates in cloud technology, which encompass self-service features, orchestration, and automation.

Minimizing Risks

Lower the chances of system failures and speed up recovery from disasters by spreading out tasks and information across multiple reliable cloud platforms.

Incorporate Security Measures

Develop an environment rich in security that also meets compliance requirements for cloud deployment, supporting a secure expansion across various cloud infrastructures

Cloud solutions we help with

You are developing an infrastructure strategy and are deciding which cloud platform will best meet your business needs. You are looking for a scalable, secure cloud architecture to run your mission-critical workloads.

Cloud Technology Strategy

We develop an optimal cloud strategy for your business use cases.
We help you define a cloud architecture roadmap to smoothly navigate uncertainty

Cloud Applications Architecture

Our expertise with the LeanIX tool and its architecture patterns bring clarity and efficiency to your IT application management.

Legacy Systems Migration to AWS Cloud

We help you migrate legacy on-premise systems to the cloud and automate moving your critical data in a streamlined way.

Cloud Integrations into your current setup

We help you define requirements and integrate with long-term 3rd party partners such as Logistic, Payment, CRM, and ERP providers. With an efficient integration in mind, we develop robust process automation and reliable architecture.

Cases we’ve been dealing with

Our Professionals delivered measurable results for such companies as: BMW AG, Allane SE, Tonies SE and more.


Migration of an on-premise ERP to Microsoft 365: Business Central via AWS Serverless Cloud (tens of thousands of automated orders)
Migration of a legacy CRM to Braze CRM via AWS Serverless Cloud, with whole process automation, enhancing scalability and agility (hundreds of thousands of signups)
Design and development of Serverless REST APIs on AWS for external partner integration (thousands of supplier deliveries).
An angled view of a MacBook and iPhone displaying a financial news article with the headline 'Fairway Shuts Down Wholesale Division', placed next to icons representing PHP and JavaScript programming languages.


Developed a strategic Enterprise Architecture repository for documentation of the core IT systems, APIs, and applications.
Aligned and connected core business capabilities with people responsible for IT domains.
Created software applications landscape for keeping critical information up to date for effective data governance, compliance, security and cost optimisation.
An angled view of a MacBook and iPhone displaying a financial news article with the headline 'Fairway Shuts Down Wholesale Division', placed next to icons representing PHP and JavaScript programming languages.

Celonis + AWS

Developed data integration pipelines (ETLs) with AWS for cutting-edge data mining and data analytics use cases in Celonis.
An angled view of a MacBook and iPhone displaying a financial news article with the headline 'Fairway Shuts Down Wholesale Division', placed next to icons representing PHP and JavaScript programming languages.
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