National Mortgage Professional Case Study

News Publishing
100K website visitors monthly
November 2020 - Now

Project Description

Together with National Mortgage Professional (NMP), we created a news publisher for the longest continually running mortgage news platform in the US. This website gets about 170,000 unique visitors every month. It offers different kinds of content, like articles, videos, webinars, podcasts, magazines and events, to meet the needs of mortgage professionals and provide them with the tools they need to succeed.

Our goal was to revolutionize NMP's digital presence and position them as a leading voice in mortgage business media. This case study explains the challenges faced, the solutions implemented, and the tangible results achieved through our partnership with NMP.

About Client

National Mortgage Professional (NMP) stands out as a mortgage business media, setting the bar high with its thorough coverage and commitment to excellence.

NMP exclusively dedicates its resources to the mortgage sector, offering unparalleled depth and breadth of insights. From daily news feeds to specialized newsletters, from engaging magazines to interactive webinars, NMP serves as the ultimate hub for mortgage intelligence. Their flagship publications, including NMP, Mortgage Banker, and Mortgage Women, have been esteemed must-reads for industry professionals for years, delivering invaluable perspectives and analysis.

Additionally, NMP is the main producer of mortgage events in the country that fosters collaboration and networking in the industry, thanks to their extensive network of over twenty Originator Connect Network events held nationwide


Our collaboration with National Mortgage Professional (NMP) presented several notable challenges that required innovative solutions and strategic approaches:

Legacy Infrastructure

NMP's digital infrastructure was outdated and not scalable enough to fit their growing audience and changing needs. It was a significant challenge to upgrade this infrastructure and ensure minimal disruption to the ongoing process.

Limited User Engagement

Despite NMP's esteemed reputation within the industry, their previous digital platform struggled to achieve optimal user engagement. Our goal was to ensure the best user experience, as well as help people in the mortgage industry connect with each other better by enhancing interaction and retention.

Content Management Complexity

With a diverse range of content types, including news articles, webinars, event listings, and directories, managing content effectively presented a complex challenge. Ensuring seamless integration, organization, and accessibility of this content required robust content management solutions.

Integration of Dynamic Features

Implementing dynamic features such as live news feeds, event calendars, and webinar listings posed technical challenges in terms of data integration, real-time updates, and maintaining consistency across different sections of the website.

Performance and Security Concerns

As a platform catering to professionals in the banking and mortgage sectors, it was foremost to ensure optimal performance and robust security measures. Balancing performance optimization with strict security requirements presented a complex challenge.

Adherence to Industry Standards

The mortgage industry is subject to strict regulations and compliance requirements. Ensuring that the digital platform adhered to industry standards and best practices while delivering innovative features and functionalities required careful navigation.


While working on NMP, we relied on Drupal, a versatile and widely-used content management system that forms the backbone of our platform. Drupal allows us to craft a digital space tailored precisely to National Mortgage Professional's (NMP) needs.


For building the site, we used the CMS system Drupal 10. With Drupal at the helm, we built a sturdy foundation for the platform, ensuring smooth performance and easy management. Drupal is a robust framework known for its flexibility and adaptability. Also, we worked with Algolia + React JS to ensure fast search

Cloud Hosting:

Thanks to Pantheon, our platform enjoys the benefits of scalability, reliability, and security. It handles the optimization of DevOps part

Collaboration Tools:

Figma for designs and planning, Jira for project management and Slack for seamless communication, these tools kept our team in sync and on track.


Built a Custom Content System

We tailored a powerful system, Drupal, to fit National Mortgage Professional's exact needs. This involved setting up different content types and making it easy for their team to manage everything smoothly.

Created a Great Look and Feel

We worked hard to make sure the website looks amazing and is easy to use. From how it adapts to different screens to adding cool features, we made sure every detail was just right.

Designing to Match the Brand

Every design choice we made reflects National Mortgage Professional's identity, from the colors to the logo. We wanted the site to feel like a perfect fit for their brand.

Making Sure Everyone Can Use It

Accessibility was key. We designed the site to be easy to use for everyone, following guidelines to ensure it's accessible to people with different needs.

Added Live Updates and Features

We made the site dynamic by adding live news, events, and webinars. This meant making sure everything updates in real-time and works smoothly together.

Made the Site Really Fast

We focused on making the site load superfast. We did things like compressing images and organizing the code to make it run like lightning.

Kept Things Secure

Security was a top priority. We set up strong protections to keep user data safe, and the site secure from any threats.

Enhanced Search Optimization

We made sure the site is easy to find on search engines like Google. By using smart techniques, we made sure National Mortgage Professional stands out when people search for mortgage info.
In every step of creating the National Mortgage Professional website, we put our hearts into making something truly special. We're proud of what we've achieved and how it helps people in the mortgage industry.

Learnings and Future Opportunities

Reflecting on our collaboration with National Mortgage Professional (NMP), we've gained valuable insights and identified opportunities for future growth.

Key Learnings

Understanding User Needs

We've realized how important it is to really understand the preference of people in the mortgage industry. This helps us design easy-to-use websites and create content that NMP's audience likes.

Adaptability and Flexibility

The mortgage industry is always changing, so we need to be flexible and able to adapt. We've learned to embrace change and switch gears quickly to keep up with new trends and challenges.

Collaborative Problem-Solving

Effective collaboration with NMP has been really important in solving problems and achieving goals. We've understood the power of open communication, teamwork, and shared goals in driving innovation and progress.

Future Opportunities

Continued Innovation

As technology evolves, there are endless opportunities for innovation within the mortgage industry. We're really excited about trying out new things like AI and machine learning to make the NMP`s digital presence even better.

Expansion of Offerings

With NMP's strong foundation and loyal audience, there's potential to expand their digital offerings further. This could include new content types and community-building features to enhance engagement and provide even more value to users.

Continuous Improvement

We're committed to ongoing optimization and improvement, using data analytics, user feedback, and industry insights to refine the user experience, enhance performance, and stay ahead of the curve.